​The new ice cream parlour that has been become a huge brand and becomed so much famous in preet vihar,the name says it well “Classic” really suits them.I did not knew about them.I went to my nanis house, so my mama .took me to flavour some icecream sundaes around.When i asked where are we going ,he said to classic.I asked what ,is it a brand or it is local.So my mama didn’t told and said first you eat and then asked.When we arrived , i saw a many people over there so i knew that they are the best.Good varieties,good service,not sitting ,only standing and eat but it was worth it.

Location – preet vihar

Cost for 2 – 200 to 300 rs

I tried there “hot chocolate fudge” “vanila shakes”,”fruiti sundae” and a lot more.

So i will request all you guys staying nearbuy ,please have a look and lick them.



Find this restaurant on Zomato | Classic, Preet Vihar http://zoma.to/r/6116


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